Our Top Priority

At Sundancer Electric, we pride ourselves on our dedication to safety. As a result, we have maintained an experienced modifier rating (EMR) of .62 for the year 2017 and through 2018. We produce our own site-specific safety plans that are tailored to each job’s unique needs and requirements. We work closely with the State of Washington Department of Labor & Industries’ Approach Management Retrospective Rating program, which allows us to improve our safety program as well as maintain a strong safety record.
Sundancer Electric invests heavily in worker advancement, training and safety. We require a minimum of OSHA-20 certification for all of our site supervisors and make weekly safety meetings mandatory. Additionally, we take daily precautions, requiring all employees who work onsite to fill out a by-task log of upcoming daily activities in order to maintain a safe working environment for that day.
Sundancer Electric team member walking through tunnelSundancer Electric team member walking through tunnel